Turning Visitors into Subscribers and Increasing Reader Loyalty



The app is an extension for a well-known sports TV channel and it is home to more than 1.7M users every month. Users download the app to follow sports news and game scorings live.

Sports News App Delivers Visually Engaging Content with Rich Push Notifications

The app usually had a flood of users logging in when an important game is taking place, but on a regular day a limited number of users logged in. Since its launch in 2010, app owners had difficulty in attracting users on a regular day. With push notifications rising to the peak of popularity within the last 2 years, the app managed to increase usage. However, soon enough app users started to ignore push notifications. At that point, app owners started to use Insider’s push notification technology to send out visually engaging content, using rich push notifications, which included images and videos.

276% Conversion Rate Uplift in Push Open Rates

Segmenting users according to user profile features like location, teams supported and leagues followed, the app delivered engaging rich push notifications to users. App owners were able to easily manage push notifications through Insider’s platform and track performance in real-time.


Conversion rate uplift


With visually appealing content delivered within the push notification, the app owners achieved a 276% conversion rate uplift on iOS and a 112% conversion rate uplift on Android.

“As sports fans are quite sensitive about their teams, we have targeted users according to their preferences. Rich push notifications enabled us to increase mobile engagement remarkably, something we’ve been trying to achieve for a long time. We’re looking forward to explore new ways we can increase engagement and provide users with the best experiences possible.”

Marketing Director of Europe