A Journey of True Partnership with Insider


To start off, could you give us a little bit of background on your company?

We are  a music streaming service from Indonesia. As a streaming service we strive to provide our users with a complete music genre, ranging from Indonesia’s country music (Dangdut) to rock and roll. We also equipped our users with the ability to stream and download the music of their choice on both desktop and mobile applications.

We are known to be one of Indonesia’s leading music streaming services.


What prompted you to choose Insider?

As a team, we have to always be aware of our brand’s strengths and weaknesses to maintain our positioning in the market. Hence, when we realized that there was a problem with the number of inactive users on our mobile app, we decided to do something about it.

In the beginning of this problem, we had used another mobile marketing platform. However, we soon realized that the partnership wasn’t working and it led to disappointment in our part. Knowing this, we decided to go back into the market to find a more suitable partnership.

Due to the bad experience that we faced with our previous vendor, we decided to put forth a list of requirements on what we are looking for in our next partnership – both product wise and service. In terms of product, we knew that personalization was important for us – as we want our users to have a unique experience when they are using our product and also, it will allow us to show our users the value that our product has to offer.

Additionally, we wanted to look for a vendor that is able to provide us with a swift integration process and a local team that will be able to offer us with the support that we need throughout the process.


There were other vendors that offer the same assistance as us, but what about Insider that stood out?

Like I mentioned before, due to the terrible experience we had with our previous vendor, this time around, we want to find a vendor that’s able to provide us with a great local support team, smooth integration process and strong mobile app capabilities that can help us achieve our target.

When Insider approached us, we were drawn to the level of expertise and care that they showed to the problem that we had and within the next few meetings, it was clear that Insider had understood our needs down to the details.


Leading Music Streaming Service were Looking for AI-driven Solution to Boost their Conversion Rates

Due to the type of service that we provided our users with, most of our traffic originated from our mobile applications. Therefore, when we saw what seems to be a persistent problem to our product we knew w e had to do something about it.

Similar to the challenges that we brought to our previous vendor, we want our partners to be able to provide us with a solution that will allow us to optimize our open rates and increase our conversion rate performance. Knowing this information, Insider’s team offered us their mobile app push as a solution.

With the problems that we have, Insider’s team recommends us to utilize Insider’s deep segmentation capability and “Intime” features and through both of these features we were able to create campaigns that allow us to send personalized push notifications to our users at each of their most optimal times .

Personalized app push campaigns drove a 3.6x uplift in music played by users over three months

Through Insider’s solution we were able to investigate and see our user’s behavior which allows us to send personalized messages based on their music preferences at a time where each of them are most active on the application.

In doing so, we were able to witness an uplift of 2.5x in terms of user engagements and also a 3.6x uplift in music played by users in a span of three months! A value we wouldn’t be able to achieve without the help of Insider’s team and solution.


Giving Our Users a Seamless Experience

Definitely more integrations of Insider’s product to be able to show our users the value that our service will be able to provide them with. 

Together with Insider’s team, we are developing a new project where we will be able to offer our users with recommendations of playlist for them to enjoy through Insider’s personalized app push notifications feature.

Our hope with all of our future projects with Insider is that we want to be able to give our users a seamless experience and an unparalleled journey.

“We have worked with a mobile marketing platform before, but turns out it was a bad experience for us. Lack of support, long integration and disappointing results. Then we switch to Insider and turns out their integration was smooth and easy, a hands-on local support and also amazing results. We see 2.5x uplift in terms of engagement and a 3.6x uplift in the session played by users! In addition to that, their customer success team really understands our problems and helps us to tackle them! For us, Insider is more than just a platform, they are definitely a true partner!”