Nourished Life achieved an impressive 30% Add To Cart Rate with Web Push


About Nourished Life

Nourished Life is Australia’s leading one-stop-shop for toxin-free, all-natural beauty, health and fitness products. The brand focuses on cruelty-free and waste-free beauty and shares a passion for positivity with their customers. Nourished Life’s marketing program reflects this focus on social consciousness and creating positive experiences for their community.

15.1% Cart Recovery Rate using Web Push Notifications

In an effort to boost conversions across desktop and mobile, Insider developed a personalisation program to analyse and optimise onsite visitors behaviour. 

This program allowed our strategic account management team to identify the segment of users who demonstrated high exit-intent. Once identified, we leveraged A/B testing to identify content these users were most likely to engage with and displayed these targeted messages. 

The most effective redirection was our Exit-Intent Pop-Up which saw designated page views rise by 220% and converted 11% of the high exit-intent segment. 

On top of these incredible results, another component of our personalisation program included identifying why users were not adding items to the cart and how to increase add-to-cart rates. 

Our team identified breakpoints within the customer journey that saw a high disengagement rate, and employed dynamic social proof overlays to entice users to re-engage with the page and add the item to their carts. The dynamic Social Proof Overlay saw an increase in add-to-cart rates by 30%.

Using Personalisation To Create A Community

To build an engaged community, Nourished Life wanted to generate 1-to-1 engagement with offers that reflected the interests of their customers. 

From a commercial perspective, the brand felt that strengthening their bond with customers would lift their conversion rate and the number of sessions with both known and unknown site visitors.

To achieve these goals, they enlisted the help of Insider’s Growth Management Platform (GMP), opting to leverage Web Push Browser Notifications and onsite personalisation. Thanks to Insider’s segmentation capabilities, the results have been nothing short of amazing.

Creating a Multi-Faceted Engagement Program

By integrating onsite personalisation with web push notifications, Nourished Life created dynamic 1-to-1 communication with their customer base.

Insider’s Web Push Tool enabled Nourished Life to send personalised notifications to desktop and mobile, meaning they can now directly engage with their customers. This new marketing channel means Nourished Life has reduced its dependence on email and better catered to customer needs.

One of the many features of our web push portfolio is Conversion Push. It delivers personalised and dynamic notifications that feature details like last viewed products or personalised offers to re-engage customers and entice them to purchase. 

The Right Partner Makes All The Difference 

Nourished Life’s team delivers exceptional in-house content marketing and has developed a thoughtful and analytical approach to their customer experience programs. Despite their stellar efforts, they did not have all the resources they needed in-house.

Insider’s holistic account management approach encompasses strategic and operational account management which devise and create engaging go-to-market plans. In doing so, we enabled Nourished Life to implement an innovative, industry-leading marketing program that utilises dynamic personalisation, creates a sense of belonging and most importantly, builds a loyal customer base.

“Working with Insider has been a great process. The account management team is always really proactive and the Insider web push channel complements our existing tech stack, providing a new and effective way for us to communicate with our customers. Implementation is a simple tag that you put on your site in order to go live. For many companies I can see this being a great quick win to boost traffic and conversions.”