NA-KD boosts customer lifetime value by 25%

Discover how NA-KD increased customer lifetime value by 25% with cross-channel customer journeys. By consolidating disconnected point solutions into a single powerful platform, they have gained a 360 degree customer view and fully connected email, SMS, web push, app, web and mobile web.


CLTV increase


in one year

NA-KD was growing at a rapid rate and their tech stack wasn’t able to keep up. They were using a number of point solutions and some in-house technology, which kept their data locked in siloes.

NA-KD needed to find a technology partner who could help them unlock the full potential of their customer data to gain a unified view of our customers and create a more powerful customer experience across all their digital channels.

“We have seen exceptional results. Since launching with Insider, we have increased customer lifetime value by 25%.

The partnership has exceeded even our most ambitious expectations. Last year we observed 72X ROI. We are so happy.”

Doga  Iyigun

CRM Manager at NA-KD

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