Global hotel booking app achieves a conversion rate uplift of 156% with Mobile Experiments



The online booking platform was founded in 2004 and has over 600,000 hotels under contract, globally. Their app has been in use since 2012, now available in 24 languages worldwide.

Turning mobile app traffic into booking conversions, faster

The hotel booking app is visited by thousands of users looking for the best accommodation deals for their next vacation. However, the funnel analysis showed only 2,64% of the users who went through listings clicked on the “Book Now” button, which was a low metric for the app. The company wanted to increase the conversion rate on the “Book Now” button as it was a key performance indicator for the app, also indicating higher engagement.

Experimenting with Design Elements to Determine the Problem

Through Insider’s Mobile Experiments, the performance of different “Book Now” buttons were tested using different images, color and text. Users who were in European capitals were segmented to deliver optimized designs. The experiment was displayed to 80% of the predesignated segment and 20% of the segmented users were arranged to be the control group. The results from the experiments were monitored in real-time from the reporting interface.


Conversion rate uplift

Increased Engagement and Revenue through Experiments

With Insider’s cutting edge Mobile Experiments technology, the company was able to run experiment on the app instantly without depending on IT teams and without waiting for Google Play or App Store reviews. The initial results showed that the app owners needed to work on the design of the “Book Now” button to make it stand out and drive engagement with users.

App owners reached their target of increasing the number of clicks on the CTA button. The click rate on the “Book Now” CTA button increased to 6.77%, showing a great conversion rate uplift of 156%.

“We were really impressed to see how such small changes can have a huge impact on mobile engagement. As optimizing mobile experiences is an iterative process, we’ll continue to run experiments on our app using Insider’s mobile platform as requires zero IT effort. With mobile experiments we can also quickly test our product ideas and improve our development cycles.”

Director of Marketing