Melvita, the defender of organic beauty products proves ultimate gains through Social Proof messaging


About Melvita

Melvita is a pioneering organic beauty brand born in the south of France.  Offering the purest of nature for over 30 years, Melvita constantly innovates and creates captivating, high-performance formulas to meet all needs. They are known for their organic floral waters, especially for their winning bestseller damask rose floral water.

Adopting Social Validation that Boosted Conversions by 28% with Insider Technology

Melvita was able to realize that their product page had contributed to a handful of high volume exits on their pages, as well as a low Add-to-Cart rate. Insider was able to provide Melvita a range of personalised features that enabled high conversion to their website and overall customer experience.

In order to convince and sway hesitant shoppers, we were able to implement to show the number of other users’ that were looking at the product at the same time. The formula of this adoption to psychological marketing manifested a clear consumer preference to ‘safety in numbers’ when it comes to check out stages. When buyers can see that a product is being purchased this aids in their confidence in purchasing decisions. Melvita has enabled Insider to demonstrate this methodology and most of all offer the purest of natural beauty products to many consumers across Asia.

Melvita was set to implement a strategic plan to boost revenue for the Summer Season. Here Insider was quick to devise and establish personalized campaigns to drive consumer retention that included specific segmentations resulting in an overall 28% conversion uplift. Highlights on a winning feature of social proof that proved a rosy +107% increase in revenue within the beginning of Summer that further gained +88% new customers to their website.

“The decision to become Insider’s partner has been a brilliant move. We now have the capabilities and the tools we need to drive revenue across our digital channels and the confidence to move forward in ensuring a well strategized plan of campaigns to drive growth for the Summer Season. I am confident in the direction of our marketing goals with their active support and tentative care to our business needs.”

— Digital Marketing and Brand Communications Manager