Using simple upsell messaging to increase average order value



Founded in the US in 1940, McDonald’s has grown to become one of the world’s largest restaurant chains. With more than 36,000 outlets across 119 countries, the fast food giant serves almost 70 million customers each day!

Increasing Order Value Without Costly Promotions

McDonald’s wanted to boost website sales and increase the average order value, without running any specific promotions or discounts on their site. The team at Insider evaluated their current website offerings, and noted that the company had recently re-introduced apple pies to the menu after a period of unavailability. Insider suggested that they could harness this event and run an awareness campaign to let customers know that this popular item was back.

Delivering Upsell Messages at Just the Right Moment

Using Insider, the team at McDonald’s was able to quickly create an A/B test to promote the apple pies. Customers who’d put items in their basket and were about to complete their order were shown a pop-up, giving them the option to add apple pies to their basket.

McDonald’s were so confident that this would boost sales, that they targeted the pop-up to 90% of their total traffic. And they were right!


increase in AOV


During the campaign, the company saw an uplift of 12.89% on the average order value compared to the previous month. Not only that, conversion rate also increased by 7.64%, proving that you don’t need to incur business costs in the form of discounts to unlock value from your website.

“We were really impressed by the ideas suggested by our Insider consultant team. The campaign was easily implemented using Insider, and we started seeing great results quickly. It’s great to learn more about our audience and their behavior. We will be working closely with Insider to further build out our customer knowledge through A/B tests and more.”

Marketing Supervisor