Mavi increases opt-in rates by 21% with personalization

About Mavi

One of the top denim brands in the world, Mavi designs a full collection of jeanswear for young men and women. Sold at more than 4000 specialty and department stores in 50 countries, Mavi sells more than 5.5 million units globally per year. In 2006, TIME magazine placed Mavi amongst the top 16 best jeans brands worldwide.
Encouraging Visitors to Give Permission

Building a prospect list is essential for any business that has an online presence. Since the latest legislation on collecting and processing user data requires user permission, growing an opt-in database of prospects is more challenging and more important than ever before.

Getting visitors to register on a website is a common practice for gathering initial information, yet many visitors dislike filling in lengthy forms. Optimizing subscription forms can provide a solution to some extent, but certain fields will always be necessary to gather enough information. The registration form on consists of eight compulsory fields, asking visitors to enter their first name, surname, password, password confirmation, date of birth, gender, mobile phone number, and email address.

Tired of revealing so much information about themselves, many visitors who registered completed this process without opting in to receive emails or SMS notifications, preventing from communicating further via retargeting campaigns. What wanted was to get more visitors to opt-in without undercutting the lead quality.

Caption: The opt-in boxes were left unchecked by visitors after completing the registration form. 

Visitors who had registered but hadn’t opted in to receive SMS or emails. 
Opt-In Reminder for Registered Visitors
Giving registered visitors who had not opted for a gentle reminder makes them much more likely to give permission. The most powerful way to achieve this is by displaying overlays, which appear over the top of a page, diverting all the attention away from other page elements.

Timing is Everything

Using overlay screens can be a useful tactic to display reminders, offers, or information, but only if they are deployed at the right time. Otherwise they may interrupt the visitor’s journey, leading to frustration. To eliminate this, you should give your visitors plenty of time to enjoy interacting with your site. It’s better to wait until they’ve had the chance to look around and develop a positive feeling; then, they won’t mind the overlay and are more likely to volunteer to opt-in. In Mavi’s case, registered visitors were shown the opt-in reminder banner after visiting three pages, just enough time to get in the mood!
Setting Expectations
It’s easier to persuade visitors to opt-in for email and SMS notifications if you promise relevant content. The audience should be well informed about the benefits of subscribing, since, for most of us, “email” and “SMS” are generally synonymous with spamming. So, brands should set clear expectations for their visitors if their intent is to get more opt-in subscribers that they can then target with personalized offers, promotions, and messages.
The opt-in personalization created by Insider helped to gain more subscribers. The number of registered opt-in visitors increased by 21%.

“Insider is a critical partner for us to discover what should be optimized in order to collect valuable customer data and enhance the experience for our shoppers. With Insider we are able to test our decisions and see what works best for our business. Insider allows us to do the things we want with ease and agility.”

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