Insider helps Lexus Al-Futtaim Automotive drive leads and increase conversions by 35%

About Lexus

Al-Futtaim Automotive is Al-Futtaim Group’s exclusive Lexus and Toyota distributor. Its customer-centric approach, international quality standards, and value-added business philosophy have made it the automotive company of choice in the UAE. As a result, Al-Futtaim Automotive is proud to represent some of the world’s most popular and desirable auto brands.

A pioneer in the Middle East and Africa automotive industry, the Al-Futtaim Group, is respected throughout the region, offering a wide range of services from leasing, sales, and service of passenger and commercial vehicles, to used cars, leasing, and rentals.

Founded in: 1955

Numbers of showrooms: 8

Operates in: UAE

Number of employees: 15,000

Boosting discovery & engagement with personalized stories

The automotive leader wanted to control how users are notified of special offers, limited-time deals, and new inventory in their showrooms.

With Insider's help, Lexus Al-Futtaim Automotive successfully implemented InStory. By placing offers strategically on mobile and web sites, Insider's new product discovery solution maximizes web and mobile traffic.

InStories are thumbnail stories that expand into immersive experiences with exclusive offers, limited-time deals, and new showroom merchandise. Through these micro-experiences, showroom visits, bookings, and sales increase.

Using A/B tests, we compared users who saw InStory with those who did not. For those who viewed InStory content, lead collection increased by 104.88%.

Driving lead generation with AI-backed exit intent messages

The company wanted to increase leads and optimize the website. So, in addition to direct leads, they also needed a template that would gather exit-intent leads, which brings them many new leads each month.

With the Insider's Hello Bar feature, Lexus Al-Futtaim Automotive made offers prominently visible on their website. By placing strategic content at high activity areas, Lexus was able to compel visitors to act and complete forms, resulting in more visits to showrooms.

Improving user experience with a streamlined menu

Lexus Al-Futtaim Automotive needed to simplify and streamline site navigation for new users. Lexus Al-Futtaim Automotive needed to simplify and streamline site navigation for new users.

Insider suggested a hamburger menu to reduce clutter and create a clean layout and a better user experience.

150.44% uplift in leads collected.

Looking Ahead

“At the end of the day, the only goal is to increase sales, and using a tool like Insider can help us do that. We are interested in learning more about Architect and testing its capabilities with orchestrated campaigns in the future.”

Alaa Tarawneh
Digital Marketing Manager
Lexus Al Futtaim Automotive

"We are really pleased with the forms we create and receive with Insider. The more forms we receive, the more leads we receive. Additionally, we have seen more conversions that translate into showroom visits and test drive requests, which lead to more sales."

Tarawneh, Alaa

Digital Marketing Manager

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