Leading OTA achieves 6.2% increase in bookings with in-app messages



Founded in 2009, the online travel agency works with more than 235,000 hotels and 312 airlines around the world. Their app has around 1.2M monthly users and has been found to deliver a highly convenient experience to travelers.

Increasing app downloads with mobile-only deals

Although the app is used by millions of users worldwide, the analysis showed mobile app conversion rates were relatively low compared to mobile web and desktop. To increase app downloads, the company published a series of mobile-only deals and encouraged visitors to download the app through 1:1web push notifications, desktop banners, emails, etc.

Energizing logged in users to book holidays

Onboarding users were welcomed with mobile in-app messages that encouraged them to login and claim their discount coupon codes. Coupons, valid for the next 7 days, energized users to make faster decisions. It’s an endorsed fact that consumers are easily intrigued by coupon codes. According to a 2016 RetailMeNot research, 96% of consumers use coupons. Moreover, in-app messages are of great advantage when it comes to delivering personalized content or promotions to users directly on their screens when they are already active in your app.


increase in bookings


Using Insider’s in-app messages, the company achieved a 125.7% conversion rate uplift in login rates, compared to the control group who were never delivered the mobile-only promotion. With the energizing 1:1 message, the company achieved 6.2% increase in vacation bookings.

“In-app messages have become a big success in terms of encouraging customers to log in and claim app promotions. In-app messages provided us with the opportunity to reach out to our target audience right on their screens, when they were already engaged with our app. Insider’s marketing consultants were great in helping us improve our mobile in-app engagement and leverage this channel to drive bookings.”

Digital Marketing Manager