IKEA gets more than 3,000 4-star reviews with in-app overlays 

With Insider, the integration literally took minutes which saved us quite a bit of time and effort. Insider definitely set itself apart with its feature with mobile technologies.


4-stars reviews In-app templates


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About IKEA

One brand, many companies, and many, many people – that’s IKEA in a nutshell. With 445 stores across the world, IKEA offers a wide range of well-designed, functional home furnishing products at prices so low, that as many people as possible can afford them.  IKEA’s retail business is organized on a franchise system, with 12 franchisees in 54 markets, who continuously improve and develop the brand. Even then, IKEA is much more than a retailer. To meet the needs of its customers, the company has a unique business model and value chain, which includes product development, design, supply, manufacture, and sales. And, of course, it starts and ends with the customer. Whether it is entering new markets, or meeting customers in new ways, IKEA is constantly innovating to meet user expectations.
How 4 stars reviews came pouring in for IKEA

One of IKEA’s primary goals is to provide its customers with the best possible shopping experience from the minute they enter its store – whether online or offline. To achieve this, the company wanted to evaluate and improve the overall mobile app experience of its users by capturing real-time customer feedback.

 Using Insider’s in-app overlays, IKEA was able to monitor its mobile usage and gather feedback from its app users. The results were stunning, as the company saw its in-app use improve massively. Within 15 days, it received over 3,000 reviews of 4 stars upwards on Google Play.

Segmenting users to serve them relevant experiences

Business success lies in offering the right product to the right consumer. Using Insider’s AI-powered segmentation, IKEA was able to segment its users based on past, real-time, and predictive behavior, to serve them the most relevant experiences at any stage of their journey, on a channel of their choice.

Converting cart abandoners using Dynamic Mobile Push Notifications

IKEA observed that some of its customers were having trouble in completing their purchases on its mobile app. This was resulting in cart abandonment.

Tapping into Insider’s dynamic mobile push notifications for cart recovery, IKEA was able to convert some of its less-potential users into customers. In just over a month, 11.4% of IKEA’s shoppers returned to its mobile app, where the company was able to encourage them to complete their orders. 

That’s not where the benefits of push notifications ended. IKEA also used personalized mobile push notifications to boost engagement and loyalty, and decrease its app uninstall rate by a mind-blowing 50%.

Using personalization to create one-on-one customer connect

IKEA wanted its push messages to feel like a one-on-one conversation between the company and the recipient. To achieve this, they used Insider’s personalization capabilities to send notifications that targeted every individual user’s unique requirements.

The strategy was a huge success. IKEA saw more than 5.5% of customers leverage the discounts and other offers sent to them. 

Moreover, in the B2C realm, customers shape your business and loyal customers grow it. IKEA wanted to keep its loyal users in the spotlight and stay constantly engaged with them. Using Insider’s Growth Management Platform, the company created personalized mobile push notifications campaigns to share discounts and exclusive offers with its loyal shoppers.

Future collaborations

The IKEA-Insider connect is set to grow stronger, as the company plans to use three new Insider mobile web products in the coming future:

  • Using InStory, IKEA plans to deliver its best stories, including top picks, bestsellers, and more, with Instagram-like stories on its mobile app.
  • Maven, Insider’s new AI-powered product discovery technology for the mobile web will help IKEA’s customers buy what they are looking for, at a price range of their choice, faster.
  • Messenger marketing is growing into a great way to engage with users in a meaningful way. IKEA is looking at using Insider’s new Facebook Messenger Integration to improve its messaging strategy.

“The integration process with a growth marketing platform usually takes time. Yet, with Insider it happened in minutes, saving us time and effort. We were also pleasantly surprised by the speed of Insider’s push delivery. It was nothing like what we experienced with similar tools earlier. Insider sets itself apart with its feature-rich mobile technologies and the mindset they have around helping brands. They deliver the best customer experiences out there. Our group consultant at Insider always asked us to stay ahead of the curve with new strategies and best practices, which made a big difference in how we leverage new technology. We look forward to working together to learn more about our customers and improve the experience we offer them. Insider will play a significant role in shaping our digital transformation.”

Ayse Gedikli

eCommerce manager, IKEA

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