IKEA Indonesia Achieved 200% Boost in Revenue and Transaction with Push Notification Strategy


About Ikea Indonesia

Founded by Ingvar Kamprad in Sweden, IKEA is a household name today in the ready-to-assemble contemporary and affordable furniture sector. IKEA Indonesia is part of the global furnishing company that has revolutionized home furnishing with its simplistic yet modern designs. It brings the same ethos to Indonesia. The company is built on a culture of enthusiasm, togetherness and a “get-it-done” attitude. The vision is to create a better everyday life for people – for customers, co-workers and the people who work as IKEA’s suppliers. IKEA endorses a sustainable way of living and this reflects in its product line up which champions recycling and using renewable resources.

Reliable Automation Vendor to Create and Send Multiple Scenarios

IKEA Indonesia didn’t have a challenge in getting traffic to its websites. However, despite the high rates of users visiting their site, ,there weren’t a lot of transactions. This impacted revenue generation. IKEA was keen on finding a solution for this.

The company zeroed in on bringing AI-Driven solutions to boost its revenue. It’s objective was clear: to bring onboard partners who would provide solutions that allowed automations with a personalized experience and deep segmentation.

With this information, the Insider team offered its Web Push Suites as a solution. To tackle the challenges that IKEA Indonesia was having, the Insider team recommended they utilize its Automation Push feature which would enable the company to create and send multiple personalized scenarios to target different users based on their onsite activity, even after users exited the website after a one-time setup.

Browse Abandonment Push for Re-engagement

The number of visitors on the IKEA Indonesia website was satisfactory, but the users would browse without taking any action. This lead to a huge loss of opportunity in acquiring customers for the company. Having analyzed this user behavior, Insider Account Management came up with a comprehensive Browse Abandonment Push notification strategy. Through this automation, IKEA would be able to send its users a personalized message that contained a detailed product description of their last visited product. This notification was sent within two hours of the user exiting the website without purchasing.
With this strategy, IKEA was able to re-engage with its users while being contextual in their reminder.

Exit Button Strategy for Getting Conversion

IKEA Indonesia found that visitors to its website would browse various product categories and then exit without purchasing or visiting the transaction page. The Insider team decided to use its Sale Reminder Trigger Push. Through this push, they were able to capture a user’s cursor movement on the webpage. If the tool sensed that the user was about to click out, it sent a personalized pop up message, giving them incentives – like free shipping – to continue shopping.  By capturing the user’s intent to exit, with the use of AI, and then gently nudging them to continue shopping and move to the sales page, helped the company communicate effectively with its consumers.

Using Price Drop Notifications to Bring in Visitors Who Had Abandoned The Website

IKEA Indonesia realized that its website visitors were not taking any transaction-related actions, even after browsing various product categories. Team Insider did a thorough analysis of the visitor behaviour on IKEA’s website and concluded that a Price Drop Push notification strategy would help in bringing back the visitors who had abandoned the web pages. Using this solution, IKEA sent automated personalized push notifications to its visitors, informing visitors about a drop in price on their last visited product. This contextual messaging caught the interest of users. Since the messages were personalized, with users seeing the products that they had checked out last, along with the new, lower prices, the strategy helped in boosting revenue for the company.

Push Notifications Strategy for Instock Update

To get a maximum of its website visitors to convert, IKEA Indonesia adopted a Reminder Notification strategy. To offer stock updates to visitors, Insider suggested the use of its In Stock Push notifications. This tool enabled the company to notify users as soon as a product that they had visited last was back in stock. This push notification strategy worked as a subtle reminder for users to visit the website and check out products that they had browsed earlier. The In Stock Push worked as a great tool for IKEA Indonesia to increase transactions. It targeted and brought back users who had not made any purchase during their previous attempt as the SKU they were looking for was out of stock.

Notifications Strategy for New Users

A challenge that IKEA Indonesia faced was to get new users to spend more time on the website, and to ultimately make a purchase. The Account Managers at Insider decided to bring into play the New Users Trigger Push. Using this automation tool, IKEA was able to send a welcome push notification to its new users, who browsed its website. It also guided them through the different pages. This strategy worked in making new users familiar with the various pages on the IKEA website and also in increasing their browsing time. The ultimate goal of the strategy was to get them to visit the transaction page and convert.

Overall Results of the Push Notifications Strategies for IKEA Indonesia

In a short period of time,  IKEA Indonesia was able to witness a boost of 200% in terms of revenue  and transaction.  Besides the growth, the company also found that the automation push had contributed to an upliftment of 3.8X in ROI. 

Commenting on the result, IKEA Indonesia, said, “This is a value we wouldn’t be able to obtain without the support and expertise of Insider’s team and the solutions they provided to overcome our specific challenges.”

Looking Ahead

In the near future, IkeaID are going to implement more automation pushes to their website. Alongside with the adoption of Insider’s full-stack solution that will assist them in reaching their goals and tackle their upcoming challenges. As in doing so, they will be able to provide their users with a more transcendent journey.

“Team Insider has been wonderful to work with! They are always ready to attend to our needs ranging from problems with our IT department, campaign implementations to platform onboarding and workshops. The guidance and support that we received from the team is outstanding. We are grateful for this partnership.”