Leading Hotel Chain Increases Direct Bookings on Mobile Web by 12.3% with a Countdown Timer Coupon



Founded in 1980s, the hotel chain has more than 2300 chain hotels in 63 countries worldwide. The company’s official website is available locally in 17 countries and their app has around 150.000 users per month. The renowned chain is one of the largest privately held businesses in Asia.

Converting Mobile Web Traffic into Booking Revenue with Timely 1:1 Messages

One of the biggest challenges of hotel chains is the competition with the marketplace websites. While marketplace websites reach a vast audience and bring satisfying revenue, direct bookings are almost always more profitable for brands, in terms of revenue and visibility. Hotel brands invest a big part of their digital marketing budget in advertising so that visitors can be directed to their brand’s website.

Once a visitor is directed to the official site, brands cannot risk not converting them into customers. According to eMarketer’s estimation, in 2017, 79% of all digital bookings and purchases in the travel industry will be done from mobile web. To deliver relevant content and offers to travelers, a hotel chain’s landing page is their biggest asset to capture their customers’ attention and encourage them to make purchases.

Tempting Travellers to Complete Direct Bookings Faster

Delivering digital coupon codes incentivize visitors to make quicker decisions, especially if they are coming from paid channels. As most purchases are time sensitive in travel, delivering a discount coupon code with a countdown timer creates a sense of urgency that encourages the user to complete the transaction on the spot. Insider’s associate partner, a leading hotel chain, used this chance wisely and offered a discount coupon code with a countdown timer as soon as a visitor landed on the homepage of their mobile site.

The company has targeted the visitors who came from Google Adwords ads and welcomed this segment with a unique discount coupon code popup providing a 10% off their next booking. A 20-minute countdown timer was placed on the popup message for the limited time offer. Once a visitor clicked the “Book Now” button, the coupon code was automatically applied at checkout, avoiding visitors from copying and pasting. Delivering a unique coupon to each visitor, duplication of coupon codes were also prevented. By targeting visitors from Google Adwords ads, the hotel chain was able to deliver more relevant content and offers based on each visitor’s search keywords.


Conversion rate uplift


Using a discount coupon code with a countdown timer the brand was able to convert visitors as soon as they landed on their mobile site and achieved a conversion rate uplift of 74% compared to the control group. Overall, the campaign increased direct bookings by 12.3%. The brand was also able to optimize their return on ad spend (ROAS), increased the efficiency of their ads and simultaneously beat the competition.

“As we’re service providers, customer experience is at the heart of our business. For the last 3 years, we’ve been trying to make customer experience work both for the customer and the brand. Encouraging visitors to complete direct bookings has been our main conversion goal since the rise of the marketplace websites. Insider’s platform, with its real-time personalization capabilities enabled us to beat the competition considerably. Plus it helped us increase the ROI of our ad campaigns.”

Head of Digital Marketing