A global electronics retailer achieves a 233% ROAS uplift using AI-powered predictive segments in AdWords

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The cost of getting customers’ attention has increased dramatically – seven to nine fold – in the last two decades. Today, reaching consumers and building meaningful relationships is a greater challenge for brands. With no shortage of preferences and choices, and more advertisements than ever before, brands need to find ways to connect with audiences and elevate their position authentically.

The Cost of Attention is Rising

Consumers get hit with at least 5,000 marketing messages each day, a Harvard Business Review research reveals. Consumers are allocating less attention due to ad clutter, distrust, and channel proliferation. This global electronics retailer was facing challenges in targeting the right audiences. Ad clicks were increasing month to month, yet the return on ad spend (ROAS) was not hitting the target. The company wanted to focus on digital strategies to increase ad spend effectiveness and ROAS through more targeted and relevant ads.


increase in ROAS uplift


conversion rate uplift

Increasing Ad Spend Effectiveness with Predictive Segmentation

Predictive marketing technologies backed by AI and machine learning algorithms, analyze data across web, mobile web and apps to identify patterns and make predictions based on the future behaviours of visitors. In other words, algorithms can chew through terabytes of data based on hundreds of parameters in real time and deliver ready-to-use segments. Leveraging these segments, marketers are able to deliver hyper-targeted experiences to micro audiences who behave in similar ways and help them move visitors along the sales funnel.

Targeting Right, Winning Big

Using Insider’s integrated predictive segmentation technology, the brand was able to target its high value visitors through likelihood to purchase segmentation. By targeting those visitors with a higher propensity to purchase in AdWords, the brand was able to run hyper-targeted remarketing campaigns.

The result was a notable 233% uplift in ROAS compared to the original campaign. With Insider’s AI powered predictive segmentation technologies, the electronic retailer managed to target the right audiences who are more likely to make a purchase with personalized ads. This led to a 167% uplift in conversion rates.

Using Insider’s Likelihood to Purchase predictive segment in AdWords, we were able to target our customers who are more likely to purchase with our PPC ads. Now we know that there is a greater chance for every click to turn into an actual purchase even before we go live with our ads. Insider’s AI-powered predictive segments helped us increase our ROAS like never before.”

Head of Digital