Global apparel retailer achieves a 121% ROAS uplift by targeting AI-backed segments in YouTube TrueView Ads


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The world famous global fashion retailer offers clothing, shoes and accessories for men, women and children. At over 354 stores and through mobile shopping, the brand strives to deliver the best possible shopping experience, inspiring customers to express their personal style.

Improving video ad performance

World famous apparel brand wanted to reach out the right audiences and cut through ad clutter with relevant video ads. Despite the increase in customer acquisition costs due to rising CPVs, the brand decided to increase ad budgets. Even though ad clicks were high, the return on ad spend was not hitting targets. The brand took a more strategic look at YouTube TrueView ads to improve ad spend efficiency.


increase in ROAS uplift

Powering TrueView Ads with AI-backed Predictive Ad Audiences

In the ferociously competitive online retail environment, the brand wanted to capture and retain consumer attention with relevant TrueView advertisements. Using Insider’s Predictive Ad Audiences, the brand targeted those viewers who are more likely to make a purchase in YouTube TrueView Ads. Personalized product recommendations and promotions were only shown to this predictive segment as they browsed through YouTube videos.

Using AI-backed predictive segments in TrueView ad campaigns, the brand achieved a 92% conversion rate uplift and observed a 62% increase in impressions. The TrueView campaign led to a 121% increase in return on ad spend (ROAS).

With Insider’s AI-backed predictive segments we are able to identify those viewers who are more likely to buy online. We have wasted time and resources to test segments in ad channels before, yet with Insider’s Predictive Ad Audiences we have increased our ad spend efficiency and ROAS significantly. Our digital ad spend is now steered by Insider and we are finding it increasingly more invaluable.”

Digital Marketing Director