Remarketing Jetsetters with Predictive
Segments in Facebook

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Founded in 1960, the European airline became one of the world’s largest airlines, flying to 200+ destinations in 90 different countries. This is considered to be one of the largest networks in the world.

Decreasing the Cost Per Conversion

The European airline wanted to attract more potential travelers and increase flight ticket sales, while decreasing the cost per conversion. They had spent millions of dollars targeting customers on digital ad channels and wanted to increase their sales by enticing people who are more likely to book a flight.

Remarketing with Predictive Ad Audiences

The airline wanted to target a segment online visitors who have visited the site yet did not complete a booking. Using Insider’s AI-powered Predictive Ad Audiences, the airline company retargeted those visitors who are more likely to convert in Facebook Ads.


ROAS Uplift

Results to fly for

Using Predictive Ad Audiences in  Facebook Ads, the leading European airlines has seen a significant increase in booking conversions. The remarketing strategy was a resounding success that drove a 103% ROAS uplift and a 52% decrease in the cost per conversion, compared to other campaigns.

“ Insider’s AI-powered predictive segmentation technology changed how we targeted our customers in Facebook Ads. We can now identify travelers who have a higher intent to book a flight with ease.  We have seen proven benefits for ad spend efficiency and a significant uplift in booking conversions. Remarketing ads with Predictive Ad Audiences helped us further engage with flyers and helped us deliver more relevant and personalized experiences across channels.

Head of Digital Marketing