Fast food giant uses geofence technology to increase offline revenue



The company is a household-name pizza chain operating in more than 80 countries worldwide. The company sells takeaway food that can either be delivered to your door, or collected from the store.

Encouraging Online Customers to Place Offline Orders

The company wanted to increase its “offline” (in-store) sales and boost customer loyalty. They have a large customer base of online purchasers, and wanted to attract some of these customers to their physical store locations.

Communicating Promotional Offers Using Timely Messaging

Working with Insider, the company decided to use geofence technology to send mobile push notifications to users when they were close to a store, making them aware of their current offers and enticing them to visit.

Using Insider, they set up geofences – virtual “boundaries” created using GPS – around their store locations. When a targeted user entered a geofence area, a mobile push notification was triggered, alerting them to an in-store promotion. The message advertised the two-for-one deal that the company was running for collection orders only. Mobile push notifications were delivered during rush hour – encouraging users to stop by and take advantage of the deal on their way home.

The company targeted the message to all app users who had made at least one online order in the past. A lot of the store locations are in high-traffic areas, close to public transport and city centers, which meant that targeted users could potentially enter the geofence area multiple times per day. The company was therefore careful to ensure that users were not bombarded with messages by implementing a three-day frequency cap, so app users would receive a maximum of one message every three days if they enter the geofenced area.


increase in orders


Using geofence technologies, to create enticing omnichannel experiences, the fast food giant saw an increase of 21% in the number of daily takeaway orders, on average.

“Being able to reach people with the right messaging at exactly the right time is every marketer’s dream. With Insider, the technology is at our fingertips. While online personalization techniques are now very much mainstream, we wanted to explore how we could leverage Insider’s technology to impact offline conversions. The results were outstanding.

Keeping our customers happy is always top of mind, so it was great to be able to send timely messages that we believed would be of interest and value to them. Capping the frequency of those messages meant that they were never intrusive and that the risk of alienating customers was low. We are keen to continue driving offline conversions using this method; it’s simple to set up and, as the results show, highly effective.”

Digital Marketing Manager