United Colors of Benetton increases new user acquisition by 9X

About Benetton

Benetton is a global fashion retailer and clothing brand renowned worldwide for its colors, knitwear expertise and social commitment. With a network of over 5,000 retail stores around the globe, Benetton produces over 100 million garments every year, offering the world insights into the latest trends in fashion, as well as striving for human equality.

Reducing cart abandonment and optimizing profit margins

Benetton addressed cart abandonment by offering incentives and discounts to bring customers back to the site. However, the brand was also looking at optimizing its profit margins and did not want to rely on discounts as a cart recovery strategy.

Benetton turned to Insider’s AI-powered custom journey orchestration—Architect—to design and deliver unique customer journeys to its users. Using AI-powered segmentation and automation, Benetton targeted customers who left items in their carts with auto-triggered web push notifications showcasing new arrivals, three-  hours after they had abandoned their carts. A  second web push notification was triggered with an individualized message and a URL to complete the purchase. If the user did not convert, a web push notification offering a coupon code was triggered.

With the help of Architect— that used a three-stage web push notification strategy, Benetton achieved a conversion rate of 4.8% related to cart abandonment. This is 7X greater than the industry average for this channel.

Using customer journey automation to improve new user sign-ups

Benetton was looking into addressing a low rate of new user sign-ups. Tackling this metric was vital to improve overall revenue while expanding its user base. The company needed a solution that would enable it to create individualized user journeys for new users, in order to deliver contextual engagement across channels.

To engage new users and encourage them to make their first purchase, Benetton worked with Insider’s growth team to create a web push journey flow. The team at Benetton started engaging users who had not completed a transaction in the first 7 days with web push notifications reminding them of the new user discounts they could avail. As a follow-up, a second web push message was triggered 24 hours later, with a URL to its discount and check-out page, incentivizing new users to sign-up and complete their first purchase.

Auto-triggered web push notifications targeting new users helped Benetton achieve a 5.7% new user sign-up rate, which is 9.6X greater than the average website sign up rate.

Looking Ahead

Benetton will continue to optimize its onsite personalization and engagement strategies using Insider’s web push and journey orchestration features. To further bolster its customer experience, Benetton will soon evaluate Insider’s AI-powered predictive micro-segmentation capabilities based on historical data and future behavior of its users. Using predictive segments like “discount affinity-high”, “likelihood to purchase -high”, “likelihood to churn-high” and more, Benetton will further individualize experiences to get closer to customers.

“We love working with Insider primarily for their customer journey orchestration capabilities. We’ve removed a lot of guesswork and manual intervention when delivering individualized journeys to customers at different stages of their life cycle.  The results are remarkable. Achieving higher conversion rates and new user sign-ups led to a significant increase in our incremental revenue. With Insider as our partner,  we can focus on our creatives and brand messaging, rather than tech roadblocks.”

Emirhan Emre

eCommerce Manager, Benetton

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