Design team eats creativity for breakfast. Every morning, they walk into the Marketing room with their artsy cups, oversized jumpers and stand cool during daily meetings. When their Apple icon lights up, they zone out. Lazer-focused, ears wide open, they get their hands dirty and kindle ideas with legs.

You’ll find them chit-chatting with the white rabbit, traveling on the notes of electro tunes or having a heartfelt conversation with Tobias Van Schneider on a rollercoaster. They breathe in colors and breathe out art. Everyday.

As a Marketing artist, you’ll join our designy folks, creative minds, and trendsetters. Can you trespass the conventional norms? Quit wearing black until they invent a darker color? If you dare to poke the never before seen and think you have what it takes to create a compelling story each coming day. Become one of us and join our artful-dodgers!

Available positions in our Marketing Team

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