We reimagine the modern finance workforce. Our finance team turns numbers into stories and excel formulas into paintings, they are here to read and display the phenomenal growth story of Insider. They are at the core of a fast-paced market and forecast the economic viability of Insider. They close the gap between business units, detect struggles and manage to turn the ship.

Our digit-riders support complex decisions, adjust measures and implement strategies. They connect the dots, extrapolate and trespass ordinary fences. So, are you a fire-starter? A speed freak?

Are you willing to beat the conventional models and achieve outstanding results? If you are forward-thinking, results-driven and goal-oriented, then get ready to join a crew of disruptive MIND-BENDERS.

Because that is what penny gurus do.

20+ regions, 20+ foreign exchanges, 20+ different operating systems.

ONE team.

Available positions in our Finance Team

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