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Likelihood to Convert

Alina faces stronger competition in the SUV category. Her monthly Facebook Ads report states that ad clicks have been increasing, but the number of test drive applications has been decreasing, driving customer acquisition costs higher. So she targets visitors who are more likely to convert to boost test drive applications and optimizing acquisition costs.



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Social Proof

To create urgency when visitors come to the site after clicking a test drive ad, Alina inserts a social proof message on the bottom of test drive application forms, visible on her website, mobile website, and app, to harness the wisdom of the crowds.



We’ll map the road for you

WhatsApp Business Opt-in Template

Alina wants to drive incremental revenue from each customer offering personalized services, accessories, and add-ons, across channels. On the mobile web, she uses the WhatsApp opt-in template to stay in touch with visitors and deliver personalized offers.



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Mobile App Push

Buying a car is the second most expensive purchase people make in their lives. With that in mind, Alina decides to deliver highly personalized experiences based on historical and predicted customer behavior. She designs several retention messages with dynamic attributes, including maintenance alerts, limited time offers and personalized deals to keep them engaged.