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5 years ago, the only shopping festival where consumers lost control was the Black Friday weekend. Although the roots of Black Friday go back to 1929, a number of eCommerce holidays have emerged in recent years. The rise of online shopping has provided an unparalleled chance for both shoppers and retailers. One of the recently emerging eCommerce booms, Singles Day, was launched in 2009 by Alibaba. It started out as a Chinese eCommerce holiday with only 27 merchants joining but in 2016, Singles Day acquired a record revenue of $17.8 billion. Although it’s a man-made eCommerce peak, Singles Day has become an internationally celebrated holiday for consumers and retailers in the past 5 years.

Celebrated on 11/11, Singles Day is now the internet’s biggest eCommerce boom in terms of revenue. More items were bought on Alibaba’s platform in that 24 hours than the entire combined Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales in the United States. Eye-popping stats from last years’ records have provided retailers with valuable insights into how Alibaba survived the boom and what the mega day means for them.

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