Act on powerful visitor segments to turn
data into action

Activate ready-to-use segments to deliver data-driven personalizations

insider predictive modelling

Predictive Modelling

Leverage Insider’s predictive modelling engine to act on dynamic auto-segments based on your visitors’ likelihood to purchase, average life time value, demographic variables, interests, churn potential and more. Move forward with confident marketing decisions, knowing the future behaviour of your visitors.

Advanced Segmentation

Power high-value personalizations with hyper-targeted segments based on behavioural patterns, purchase history, visit history, geo-location, weather forecast, technographics, psychographics or create custom segments. Connect with your visitors at a deeper level to drive loyalty and growth. 

insider visitor segmentation

Centralize visitor interaction across devices & channels

Watch your data engine grow over time as your visitors interact with your brand across all digital touchpoints. Leverage data-driven segments derived from a unified data engine to enhance the value of personalizations.

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