Deep-dive into traveller expectations to deliver memorable digital experiences & drive bookings

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Top Challenges

Core Capabilities

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Simplify the traveller’s journey by leveraging actionable segments to drive bookings

Target diverse groups of travellers based on traveller interests, behavioural patterns, geo-location, weather forecast, subscription status and more, using advanced segmentation and predictive modelling technologies, at every stage of the customer life cycle.

Encourage indecisive travellers to take immediate action
with relevant prompts

Reveal hard-to-miss deals, limited availability, countdown timers or social proof and get your visitors to confirm their bookings right away.

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Incentivize visitors to prevent site abandonment with
just-in-time notifications

Speed up decision-making with hyper-relevant 1:1 messages including tours, discounts, last-minute deals and more to re-engage and incentivize visitors, driving confirmations.

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Use high-value recommendations to boost ancillary revenue

Once a booking is complete, energize travellers with add-on recommendations such as insurance, baggage, extra leg room to enhance their experience and drive ancillary revenue.

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Unveil what wins the attention of travellers with A/B/n testing

Run countless A/B/n and multivariate tests to identify highest performing variations, discover what most appeals to diverse groups of travellers and optimize your real-estate.

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