Targeting the right visitor at the right time

through smart segmentation

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Driving Offline Conversions Through Online Interactions

The automotive industry is undergoing a transformation. Most car buyers now start their purchasing journey online. One of the main goals of automotive websites is to drive people towards physical showrooms, where they can interact with salespeople. The best way to do this is generally through the offer of test drives. Toyota wanted to increase engagement with their website, and increase the number of test drives scheduled.

Serving Sticky Banners to Engaged Visitors

Many people now access the web primarily through their mobile device, and mobile users are known to be impatient. Because of this, Toyota wanted to shorten the path to booking a test drive to smooth the mobile user experience.

Toyota used Insider to implement a “sticky” button on their mobile site that visitors could click to schedule a test drive. This type of button is called “sticky” because, once it appears, it is displayed until the user exits the site, no matter what page they’re viewing.

Targeting the right visitor at the right time is an important element of success when using this type of promotion. Without segmentation, brands risk interfering with the user experience, which may lead to frustration among potential customers. In this case, the button was only shown to visitors that were already engaged. The button appeared only when a user visited a car detail page.


Using this targeted approach, Toyota was able to increase engagement on its mobile site, and increase the number of test drives booked. The click-through-rate for the button was 1.21%.

“Giving our mobile users a quick and easy option to book a test drive was a big success. Insider’s impressive capabilities allowed us to select only the users that we believed were ready to take the next step. It’s essential to be able to optimize the journey for different user segments so as not to alienate visitors or interrupt their experience. With Insider, that’s easy.”

Marketing and Advertising Manager