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Core Capabilities

Discover your most valuable visitors with likelihood to purchase scoring & segmentation

Deliver highly relevant personalizations knowing a visitor’s likelihood to purchase an item in the next 7 days. Improve customer retention and boost conversions by targeting the right bunch with advanced segmentation and predictive modelling technologies.

Prevent cart abandonment with 1:1 messages to impress

Send an eye-catching message as soon as a visitor decides to leave your site. Rely on data-backed insights to impress your visitors with messages, showcasing your in-depth knowledge about their preferences.

insider retail sector message impress

Encourage faster purchasing decisions with smart prompts

Generate demand around low inventory items, create urgency for special campaigns and show social proof to build credibility for product quality.

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Increase AOV with hyper-relevant product recommendations

Engage your digital shoppers by conveniently delivering products of their interest while they are browsing your site to increase AOV, cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

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Engage diverse groups of shoppers with A/B/n testing

Continuously optimize your digital real-estate with A/B/n testing to understand how digital shoppers react to different types of personalizations to maximize your bottom-line.

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