Move forward with confident marketing decisions, knowing the future behaviour of your visitors

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Leverage actionable predictive segments to power high-value personalizations

Insider’s predictive modelling engine runs on an advanced machine-learning algorithm, tracking on-site actions of visitors and predicts the future behaviour of customers. One-click to access actionable data to power high-impact marketing decisions without depending on a team of data scientists.

Discover your most valuable audiences with customer lifetime value segmentation

Identify standard, high and VIP customer segments and target them with hyper-relevant personalizations
to optimize marketing spend and drive loyalty.

insider predictive modelling

Understand the future purchasing behaviour of your visitors with likelihood to purchase scoring

Deliver highly relevant personalizations knowing visitors’ likelihood to purchase an item in the next 7 days. Improve customer retention and optimize your marketing spend by creating segments based on a visitor’s L2P score.

insider predictive modelling
insider attract engage retain predictive modelling

Attract, Engage, Retain: Create predictive micro-segments for next-gen value-based marketing

Build deeper relationships by engaging the right visitors at the right time by delivering unique personalizations to new, active, silent and churning customer segments. Convert one-time buyers into repeat customers and show some love to your churning customers.

Deliver interest-based personalizations for higher engagement

Reveal hyper-relevant and enticing content by targeting segments based on their preferred categories to drive interaction and loyalty.

insider predictive modelling

Boost your ROAS: Power your remarketing ad campaigns with
predictive segments

Leverage Insider’s predictive modelling capabilities to push high-value segments into AdWords and Facebook to optimize marketing spend.

insider predictive modelling
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