Predictive Algorithms

Data-science made simple for marketers

Predictive Modelling
& Segmentation

Insider’s predictive modelling engine runs on an advanced machine-learning algorithm, tracking actions of visitors across all touchpoints. Our system compares one visitor’s behaviour to other visitors’ journeys and historical data to make predictions, enabling marketers to act on auto-segments based on future behaviours of their visitors.

Likelihood Scoring

A visitor’s likelihood to achieve a predefined goal in the next 7 days is
predicted and visitors are grouped into segments based on their scoring.

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) Prediction

Customer lifetime value is predicted as standard, high and VIP using pareto modelling based on a visitor’s realization of a predefined goal such as completing a purchase or reading a specific number of articles.

Interest-based Segmentation

A visitor’s most preferred interest clusters are predicted to help marketers deliver relevant personalizations for higher engagement.

Income Prediction

Visitors’ income level is predicted by the system even before they provide personal details, helping marketers target right groups of customers.

Customer Life Cycle (CLC) Status Prediction

CLC status of visitors is predicted once they are active on your site or app, enabling marketers to deliver relevant digital experiences at every stage of their journey and prevent churn, knowing which customers are under risk.