Timing is everything – using behavioral data to send push notifications at the optimal time for success

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Insider’s customer is a leading high-street bank and financial services organization with a global presence spanning more than 70 countries. The organization serves millions of customers – from students and small businesses to governments and multinational corporations – every day, providing a broad range of financial services.

Engaging App Users to Drive Acquisitions

One of the many products offered by Insider’s customer is student loans. The company has made it easy for students to make an application via their popular mobile app. They wanted to increase engagement with their app, and ultimately increase the number of users that made a student loan application.

Leveraging Behavioral Data to Discover the Optimal Time to Send

The company decided to send a push notification to their users, encouraging them to view details of their student-credit products. Push notifications – messages sent directly to a user’s phone that link back to an app – are an excellent way to engage your audience and boost awareness by putting important messages directly in front of them. The company understood that timing was crucial to their success, and wanted to ensure that the message was sent at a time when the user was most engaged.

Using Insider, they were able to analyze the behavior of their users to discover when they were most active within the app. Using this information, they could select the ideal time at which to send the push notification to each individual user. The company decided to target users who had engaged with their app within the last seven days, and sent them a notification at the time they had been most active.


Targeting users when they were likely to be at their most engaged was a highly successful strategy for the business. The campaign resulted in an impressive 8.97% click-through rate.

“Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. That’s why we’re constantly striving to improve the service offered through our app. Sending out update notifications to our users was so simple to implement but had a very powerful result. Our customers were warned in advance, and not a single one complained. Fantastic! Insider really helps businesses put their customers at the center of all they do; exactly as it should be.”

Digital Marketing Executive, Europe