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Top Challenges

Core Capabilities

Deliver personalized experiences by targeting diverse groups of readers

Target reader segments based on their interests, behaviour, subscription status and more with advanced segmentation and predictive modelling technologies. Deliver highly relevant readings across all devices to ensure they come back for more.


insider media
insider media

Delight your readers with enticing content recommendations

Increase the total number of pageviews and drive loyalty by engaging readers with high-performing content recommendations via push notifications, overlay messages and more.

Grow your subscriber base with personalized 1:1 messages

Ignite curiosity in your readers by gating your high-value content and drive subscriptions by incentivizing them with personalized 1:1 messages including limited-time offers and discounts.

insider media
  • insider media

Take ownership of your reader’s experience with layout optimization

Deliver highly personalized experiences by repositioning and filtering on-page elements based on reader interests to drive engagement and pageviews.

A/B/n test to spark reader engagement with eye-catching content

Serve the best combinations of headlines, images, CTA messages and other elements using A/B/n testing to grab your readers’ attention.


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