Deliver personalized financial experiences to build trusted relationships & drive acquisitions

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Leverage auto-segmentation to deliver high-impact financial experiences

Leverage auto-segmentation and predictive modelling technologies to deliver highly-personalized digital financial experiences based on income levels, past behaviour, geo-location and other factors. Expand your data-set with surveys and comprehensive forms at the beginning of the visitor’s journey.

Drive acquisitions with hyper-local targeting across devices

Invite customers who abandoned a loan request form on your website to the nearest branch when they are nearby. Target visitors by geo-location to leverage location-based factors such as insurance premium rates and natural disaster risk to drive acquisitions.

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Reduce form abandonment by optimizing visitor journeys

Rely on data to pre-populate forms with name, last name and email information to speed-up quote requests, especially when your visitors are filling forms on a mobile device. Place useful tips next to form fields to deliver fuss-free experiences.

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insider finance

Deliver hyper-targeted offers without risking your bottom-line

Rely on actionable data to deliver discounts for relevant products and services such as insurance discounts to high-impact segments based on historical data, behaviours, income level and more.

Build credibility with reassurance messaging & social proof

Reveal the number of people who purchased holiday insurance during summer months or push customer reviews to non-converting visitors, building brand credibility throughout their enquiry process.

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Make changes with confidence with A/B/n testing

Rely on data-backed insights to optimize digital financial experiences across devices with A/B and multivariate tests. Discover highest performing experiments to drive customer loyalty and encourage acquisitions.

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