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Are you ready to grow and innovate at a speed you have never experienced before?

We are a team of 130+ with 70+ engineers fully dedicated to build a disruptive technology right at the intersection of adtech & martech.

Our technology helps marketers fully engage with their customers enabling them to deliver truly personalized experiences to millions every day.

Are you ready to join our team of brilliant tech minds building a technology that is reshaping the way marketers deliver customer experiences?

Enabling the world’s leading brand such as Singapore Airlines, Uniqlo, Toyota, Dominos, AVIS, Ticketmaster and hundreds of others and influencing the way these brands interact with customers is not an easy responsibility to take.

We believe that it’s a privilege.

Are you ready to be a part of one of the most rewarding, hard core and unique cultures in the industry built to transform your skills and help you re-discover your potential?

This is Insider.

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Mehmet Sinan Toktay

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