Deliver data-driven betting experiences across touchpoints to make your players come back for more

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Core Capabilities

Optimize advertising spend & acquire high-value players with predictive segmentation

Leverage predictive auto-segments based on a player’s likelihood to place a bet, optimizing ad and remarketing spend. Target right groups of audiences to acquire new players by pushing ready-to-use predictive segments into AdWords.

Excite your players and nurture
their impulses with smart prompts

Create urgency for upcoming bets with hard-to-miss offers, countdown timers and 1:1 messages. Show social proof to reveal popularity, encouraging players in placing their bets.

Get in the hearts and minds of your players with personalized surveys

Co-create engaging betting experiences with your players, asking them about their experiences across touchpoints at every stage of the customer life cycle to capture quantitative data.

Re-engage your off-site players in real time with web push notifications

Reach-out to your players with eye-catching messages and incentives to bring them back into the game.

Take ownership of your player’s experience with homepage layout optimization

Reposition and filter on-page elements based on player preferences and interests to catch their eye with exciting betting opportunities.

A/B/n test to optimize betting experiences throughout the customer life cycle

Spark engagement with eye-catching betting opportunities by revealing the best combinations of headlines, images, CTA messages and other elements using A/B and MV testing based on advanced machine learning and statistical models.