105,07% membership rate uplift with loyalty program form optimization



Air Arabia is the Middle East and North Africa’s first and largest Low Cost Carrier (LCC), flying to more than 101 destinations across the Middle East, North Africa, Asia, and Europe. Its Airewards program is the first loyalty program to be introduced by a Low-Cost Carrier in the region. The Airewards model is based on the price paid towards Air Arabia services rather than the distance of the flight. Points can be earned on any goods or services purchased from the airline.


Brands need loyal, repeat customers in order to maintain a successful business. This is why loyalty programs are a must. Based on a system that rewards purchasing behavior, loyalty programs increase a customer’s desire to stay loyal to a company. Most loyalty programs require a registration process, creating a unique opportunity to entice users to complete a form. Forms work best when users receive something of value in return for completing them, and loyalty programs therefore make it easier to gather user information.

Unfortunately nobody is keen on filling in lengthy forms. Long forms are frustrating and will discourage many potential customers. So forms should be optimized to ensure that they don’t scare customers away. Otherwise you may lose the chance to create the long-term relationships that loyalty programs encourage.

Air Arabia wanted to increase membership for its Airewards loyalty program, which requires customers to complete a form before registering.


Users who landed on the Airewards loyalty program page to register.


Form optimization requires careful handling as there’s no one-size-fits-all form length. The number of fields is correlated with the type of site. If your site inherently requires more information, then forms that are too simplified will only cost you important user information to deliver personalized experiences. Businesses need to find the optimal length through A/B testing.

The built-in A/B testing capability of omnichannel personalization platform Insider enables businesses to test different variations and compare the results with a control group. This way marketers can achieve reliable results and use them to optimize the user experience. Using Insider, Air Arabia was able to find the optimal form length to collect sufficient user information without scaring away their customers.


membership rate uplift

Implemented Personalization

Optional fields were removed from the registration form and the results were tested against a control group.


The new form increased form completion rate by 105.07%

“Strong competition and huge traffic volumes force marketers in the travel industry to increase engagement and build loyalty to increase the lifetime value of their customers. It is really important to test and apply changes to our site to discover what really works. That’s what Insider helps us achieve. Now we are able to optimize user experiences, exploring what is not performing well and respond in real time to our customers’ needs.”

Senior Manager E-business & Ancillary Revenue