A Message from Insider’s CEO to All Women in Tech

By |Mar 08, 2017|

Internet, rising to its peak in the 21st century, has missed the time when womanhood was still considered a secondary gender. What we now call digital fluency and visibility empowered women in various, brand new ways.

Going beyond marketing automation with hyper-personalized experiences

By |Mar 01, 2017|

Delivering real-time data-driven personalizations across channels is the key to every digital marketer’s success. Looking deeper into marketing automation and personalization tools and understanding their uses and benefits will help marketers build the right technology stack to achieve their goals.

Introducing InOne: The next level in digital customer experience delivery — Part Two

By |Feb 21, 2017|

This is Part Two of our two part interview blog series. Find out what new features and capabilities stand out in the release of InOne and more in our interview with Insider's Co-founder & CTO, Sinan Toktay.

Introducing InOne: The next level in digital customer experience delivery — Part One

By |Feb 21, 2017|

Read Part One of our two part blog series featuring an interview with Insider’s Co-founder and CEO Hande Cilingir to find out how InOne differentiates in the market and how it will help marketers take customer experiences to the next level.

What Artificial Intelligence Can and Can’t Do for Marketing

By |Feb 13, 2017|

By 2018, Gartner expects that 20% of business content such as shareholder reports, legal documents, and press releases will be authored by machines. Let’s have a closer look at what AI can and can't do for marketing.

Perfect Match: 3 Proven Ways to Tackle Relationship Problems

By |Feb 03, 2017|

Problems people have in their romantic relationships are also common in their relationships with the brands they love. It’s is a fact that Valentine’s Day is the third most lucrative time for eCommerce sites. So now is the time for eCommerce businesses to show some love for their customers.

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