Hande Cilingir

Hande Cilingir
Following her studies at London School of Economics and Shanghai Normal University, Hande worked in China as an investment consultant following her experience in multinational companies including PepsiCo and Vestel. Upon graduation, she spent over 3 years establishing a highly prestigious international school where she travelled to over 40 countries, enrolling students around the world. Following the exit, she co-founded Insider with Serhat Soyuerel, one of her colleagues from LSE, in 2012. Recently, Hande was granted the most successful Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award by Microsoft. Aspiring to contribute to the startup ecosystem, Cilingir had found various start-ups and was awarded by Junior Chambers International (JCI). Hande was selected as an Endeavor Entrepreneur in ISP-2014.

A Year in Review: A Look Back at 2017

By |Jan 30, 2018|

Our CEO, Hande Cilingir, takes us on a journey through the highlights of a successful year at Insider.

A Message from Insider’s CEO to All Women in Tech

By |Mar 08, 2017|

Internet, rising to its peak in the 21st century, has missed the time when womanhood was still considered a secondary gender. What we now call digital fluency and visibility empowered women in various, brand new ways.

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