Caglar Icer

Caglar Icer
Originally being an industrial engineer, Caglar is a product manager in Predictive Modelling, responsible for the strategy, roadmaps and feature definition of all product development within Predictive Modelling. He’s an experienced digital marketer and an expert on Google Analytics and Search Advertising.

Predictive Ad Audiences in Use: An interview with eCommerce Director at LCW

By |Apr 26, 2017|

An Interview with eCommerce Director at LCW, about Their Experience Leveraging Predictive Ad Audiences

Demystifying the data science behind predictive modelling and recommendation engines

By |Apr 17, 2017|

Recommendation engines and predictive modelling technologies are often perceived as similar technologies by marketers. In this blog post, Insider's PM, Predictive Technologies discovers how two technologies differ from one another.

Looking Back on 2016 with Insider

By |Jan 06, 2017|

Empowered marketers, personalized digital experiences, engaged visitors… Discover how we have co-created meaningful digital experiences across touchpoints with marketers around the globe in 2016.

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