7.46% conversion rate uplift with FOMO (fear of missing out) campaign

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About Ticketmaster

Ticketmaster, the world’s leading ticketing company for live entertainment, sells nearly 455 million tickets each year. Supporting over 145,000 events organized by more than 1200 clients across the world, the company offers tickets for concerts, festivals, sports events, exhibitions, theatres, Broadway shows, and much more.

Prompting Last-Minute Purchases

Ticket sales differ from retailing because the purchases are strictly time-bound, which means customers have a limited time opportunity to buy their tickets before the event expires. It is usually the early birds who take advantage of discount promotions and the best seats. The less fortunate last-minute customers create a valuable segment to guarantee more ticket sales, but it’s hard to persuade them without the right strategy.



Users who viewed a specific event and hadn’t made a purchase.

Fear of Missing Out

Urgency messaging is an effective way to move non-purchasers down the sales funnel. The closer the messaging to the event date, the higher the impact of FOMO (fear of missing out). With the help of Insider’s real-time personalization platform, Ticketmaster was able to target last-minute customers with behavioral targeting technology, highlighting the limited time they had left to seize the opportunity to attend the particular event that they were interested in.  

Countdown to Purchase

When non-purchasers visited the Ticketmaster site with two days or less remaining until an event they had previously viewed, they were immediately shown details of that event. A layer was created on the homepage displaying the event info with a countdown timer, reminding customers of how little time they had left to make a purchase decision.

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Insider’s FOMO campaign enabled Ticketmaster to encourage more last-minute customers to buy tickets. The campaign resulted in a 7.46% uplift in conversion rate.  

“Insider really enables us to understand customer behavior and deliver highly personalized experiences based on each customer’s unique behaviors and individual interests. Insider’s platform continuously helps us move our business closer to our goals.”

Assistant General Manager