Optimize visitor experiences with A/B/n testing

Don’t rely on your gut feeling:
A/B test to discover what they prefer

Optimize experience delivery at every digital touchpoint in-line with visitor needs and preferences at every stage of the customer life cycle. A/B test to see how your experiments perform and continuously optimize visitor experiences to carve out a competitive advantage.


insider a/b testing segment

Test interaction of countless variables with multivariate testing

Observe which design combinations yield a higher conversion rate or uplift, observe the results of your experiments and deliver winning combinations to the right segments.


insider a/b testing

Encourage higher interaction across devices

Insider’s A/B/n testing capabilities enable cross-device testing. Run a limitless number of experiments on web, mobile web and native apps.


insider a/B/n testing optimization

Rely on actionable data:
Understand. Optimize. Design. Start Over.

Track results of your experiments, observe changing trends in customer preferences over time and continuously deliver highly-optimized experiences based on a robust data engine.


insider a/b testing
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